A Film for Action Against Labour Trafficking and Exploitation: Winner of a Gold & a Silver Cannes Corporate Media and TV Award and a Gold Medal at The New York Festivals World Best Tv and Film Awards.  (2017/2018)


A short documentary about a life long friendship between two drag queens that endured both adventure and heartache during Apartheid. Nominated for a SAFTA Award and winner of the Youth Jury Award Encounters Documentary Festival (2018)


Reel Bites (2013-2016) A range of genres for: TV, Film, Social Media, Corporate and NGO Platforms and Distribution.


COP 17:  International Delegates and Conservationists discuss Climate Change on the Environmental TV  Series 50/50 for SABC. (2012)


NGO Fundraising and Promotion (2012) A School Feeding Scheme in South Africa with a refreshing fundraising social media program enticing South Africans as well as New York celebrities to dig deep into their pockets and contribute to nutrition programs in schools around South Africa.


Corporate Fundraising: A video promoting Volleyball as an exciting game changer for  youth development in South Africa, locally and internationally.


Corporate Social Responsibility (2013) Corporate Software Giant SAP invest in innovative entrepreneurship and mentorship to kickstart investment and development in bio-physics, bio-engineering, robotics and various sustainable tech projects.

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